welcome send up of Rush Limbaugh

from the Toronto Star


Maybe that's why he got caught with the Viagra enroute to the Dominican Republic. He was trying to figure out how to be a Dick?

No, that is unfair. He is a dick.

Q: What is the difference between Rush Limbaugh and the Goodyear blimp?

A: One is a big bag of hot air, the other belongs to a tire company.

I know we disagree on this issue, but if we're going to denounce someone primarily for their hatred and vindictiveness towards others, we shouldn't be employing the same attitudes.It is enough to say that Rush doesn't know what he's talking about and that attacking the handicapped for political points isn't the way to win elections.We could also point out that lately the Republicans have been basing their campaign on the idea that Democrats would be "even worse" and offering no positive ideas of their own.Wasn't it President Bush who said just a few months ago that people who campaign without ideas of their own would lose elections? Perhaps he and Rush should look in the mirror.Overall the Toronto Star article seemed liked a tasteless and angry comment on a tasteless and angry commentary. Meta-tastelessness anyone?

I love Michael J. Fox.

I just happen to agree that a disease or disability doesn't make you immune in the political sphere if you're making TV commercials for the opposition that aren't true. Rush Limbaugh is deaf, but the liberals don't cut him any slack for his political views.

My only objection is that Rush took up the whole week talking about it, because obviously, he doesn't like being attacked even though he says he doesn't mind. Either that, or it increases ratings when his enemies go bonkers, so he just played endless sound bites of talking heads behaving as though he is an elected politician and not a talk show host. Is there anyone more self-absorbed than the media mavens discussing two entertainers having a hissy fit? I switched over to the Catholic radio programming just for some peace!

Not being truthful about cloning and stem cell is hardly a non-issue, Daniel. And in the quarrel among Rush, MJF and the MSM, Bush has no dog in this fight.

Happy to hear that Catholic Radio gives you comfort. Which programs did you listen to?About your statement:

Not being truthful about cloning and stem cell is hardly a non-issue, Daniel. And in the quarrel among Rush, MJF and the MSM, Bush has no dog in this fight.

Since I was almost exclusively writing about how to express opposition and the tone of debate on both sides of the political spectrum, I haven't been following any substantive comments. What are the issues as you see them and who is being untruthful? What evidence do you have that they are untruthful?I brought in the President solely because I think he made a good point about campaigning in general -- those with positive agendas will tend to win elections over those with either no agenda or one of "at least we're not them."In my view, recent comments by the President, Vice-President and headlines from the National Republican Committee like:

10.29.06 - AMERICA WEAKLY: The Stakes: Dean And The Dems WOT Record10.28.06 - AMERICA WEAKLY: "Speaker" Nancy Pelosi's (D-SF) Real Economic Agenda10.28.06 - In Case You Missed It: The Non-Contract With America

indicate that Republicans intend to finish with a message of "If you don't vote for us, the country is doomed." Seems to me like they're not taking the President's earlier advice.In any event, the President views on stem cell research seems to be contradictory. This Modern World blog posting seems to do a decent, through not as polite as I'd like, of detailing and critiquing the stand of the President and Republican Congressional leaders on fetal stem cell research.The Reader's Digest version is: The government cannot fund fetal stem research because it is a form of murder, but the government has made no move to ban this practice within our borders. The message then appears to be, murder (in the form of stem cell research) is acceptable as long as the government doesn't pay for it.Doesn't strike me as a culture of life stand. If you disagree, feel free to explain why.

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