Taking a Cue from Daniel and Blake - Politics Thursday

I think this Clyde Haberman/NYTimes column says it all...he is such a great writer and he's really hit the nail on the head regarding the NYS pols.


The column you link to is Times Select and subscription only. Any fair use quotes to support your opinion that he hits the nail on the head?

Candidates telephone messages suck, they take too long for the recording to come on the line and people probably hang up.

As long as we're being generous with unsolicited (and probably unwanted) advice, other suggestions for candidates come to mind.

Jeanine F. Pirro might consider dropping that line about how she is "standing up for women" in her race against Andrew M. Cuomo for attorney general. The Helen Reddy bit doesn't really work the way it once did; many women do not see their own success or failure as hinging on Ms. Pirro's fortunes.

As for Mr. Cuomo, his latest campaign commercial is a hagiography of Eliot Spitzer. He promises to continue Mr. Spitzer's work as attorney general. That's it? He wants to be known not just as Mario's son but also as Eliot's little brother?

More general complaining about the candidates.

Kind of a whiny article but I agree too. Stop freaking calling me. I don't really like people I know calling me very often, I sure as heck don't want people I don't know making recordings to bother me.

I already know who I am going to vote for (and they are not all Republicans). Then again I feel an obligation to vote based upon more than soundbites and advertisements. I look to records for those who hold or held and office and the experience and statements of those who are new to office. I also automatically add a negative strike to anyone who is a lawyer so they start out below everyone else when I consider the candidates.

Thanks! And good luck in the voting booth. Personally I think straight-ticket voting of any party is irresponsible.I'd like to see political and nonprofit calls added to the "do not call" registry. Maybe we the nationwide registry could be modified so that people could choose from commercial, political and nonprofits. I'd blank out everyone, but I could see some people welcoming calls from one category and not the others.I don't see this as a free speech issue since it reaches into my home. I don't have any right to stop someone from speaking in a park, but I don't have to let them in my home.Maybe I should forget about the registry and simply screen all calls.

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