Peace, Justice and equality, except for librarians.

The loons over at the Communist Party USA (Hi Rosy) send their best wishes to Fidel.

When I was at La Ideal for lunch yesterday the topic was Fidel's health. The majority of the customers, and Mario the owner were in on the conversation. It was split over dead/ soon to be dead. However I heard more than once "I am a Cuban, but I am an American now!" No matter what happens to Fidel everyone agrees that this is the beginning of the end. No one at the counter expected a mass exodus to return home to Cuba.
Nobody wished Fidel a speedy recovery, nobody wished him dead either. It is an eventuality that is anticipated with great hope and some trepadation.

If the CPUSA kooks were to grab a bocadillo and a cafe con leche (fires me up for an afternoon of boring meetings) and tell the patrons at La Ideal that they wished Fidel a speedy recovery the laughing would continue late into the night.

Mr. Cruz, a fixture out front of La Ideal said "Always so many lies you can't believe anything." CPUSA would be wise to listen to someone who knows firsthand.


I don't know why I thought you were kidding when you mentioned the CPUSA... I mean, why wouldn't this organization exist, I guess? It just sort of astounds me because I thought most people with two neurons to rub together realize that communism is a workable idea on paper only... In practice, communism just doesn't work.

I am now on their site, sickly fascinated with how out of touch with human nature they are.

Not dull, I don't blame anyone for avoiding politics.

Hmmm, Fidel's Cuba vs. West Tampa? I'm certain he was talking about Cuba.

Even if one accepts the proposition that all governments lie to the citizenry, at least here he can sit out front of a coffee shop and tell people what he thinks about the lies the government is feeding him without worrying about being thrown in prison for speaking his mind.

Mr. Cruz, a fixture out front of La Ideal said "Always so many lies you can't believe anything."

Are you sure he wasn't talking about the American government? Sounds like it to me.

But hell, is there a government on this good earth that DOESN'T lie to their citizens and, perhaps, even kills them? I can't think of any...


Still waxing nostalgic for the good old days of Batista, Franco, Somoza, Pinochet? Yep! Hunt them commies down! You guys are still good for a laugh.

That's interesting... I don't want to seem, er, dull... but politics are something I really prefer not to read about here or via library listservs, mainly because it always turns into a firefight. If it pertains to the profession directly, yes, I guess that's different.

As far as the ALA goes. Meh. Sometimes that magazine had some good ads in it, and it was funny to keep on the coffee table to see my dad's reaction (Holy crap! A whole magazine on LIBRARIES?? You're a geek!) I never really cared much for the internal workings of the thing. The SRRT people scared the beejeezus out of me. Then the rest of the ALA started making me uneasy, so I didn't give them membership dues this year.

For instance, it really pisses me off when a union or a professional organization hints (or tells me) who I should be voting for. Even if I happen to agree with their pick.

So I don't know whether it's that I'm hopelessly dull, a loner, or just too wrapped up in my corner of the world to really give a crap, but yeah... I never really thought about the communist party in the US. I sure as hell thought even less about librarians who might be communists. I guess I've been frying other fish.

Mmmmm. Fish.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions just as I am in fighting certain ideas being entrenched into a profession where they don't belong. Feel free to call my employer *again* to complain. That's what real 'mccarthyism' is about and you seem to be good at it.

Greg McCarthy?

Did you really not know Shoe? I mean Mark Rosenzweig, ALA Councilor was their librarian up til recently. I have no idea if they're paying members but Rory Litwin, Ann Sparanese, and Al Kagan all hang with Rosy and work together. All ALA coucilors. There are a couple others I just don't know the names and faces as well. A lot of the fights you've seen here at LISNews have involved these people and these views. I know I'm not the center of the universe but myself and others have been pointing these people out for a while now. Not only do the communists exist they have a strong foothold within ALA and SRRT is their base of operation.

They are good for a laugh though.

Yep, Kathleen, that really is poor form to call his employer and tattle on him or try to get him fired. THAT is a McCarthyite tactic. I don't recommend that you do that again.

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