Wow, perhaps I should write more!

At the moment I am helping build a barn in northeastern Nevada. The only aspect to this that is library-related is that I have an MLS and my uncle has an M.Ed. in school media.Soon and very soon I am taking up a post in the South Pacific. I will not be leaving the sovereignty of the United States, though. The new post will be very exciting. Part of it involves coordinating the union catalog for a political subdivision.Once I actually make it to the posting and do at least one day of work I can then say where.Oddly enough, I am ceasing to be connected to Ashtabula notwithstanding having the username "AshtabulaGuy". I should converse with the Blakester about this.


Samoan Librarian has a certain ring to it.

Always good to hear from you AG! Thanks for keeping us posted. --rochelle

Yeah, it would...except that I am not Samoan. I am a Slavic-American. It is only a two year job at the moment. Anything could happen with it, though.


We all look forward to stories of your experience.

In which venue?

And yes, I got the academic job out there. It should be an adventure.

Thanks. It has been a busy summer hiding out in Nevada and moving my stuff from Ohio. Such is why I haven't been able to write much. At least I did not get crucified at the conference presentation I gave.

I was talking about your new job. But, I see you mentioned a presentation, and that might be interesting as well.

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