a new type of chat reference question

Chat Transcript: Hello, I'm doing a report on the game of World of Warcraft, if my mage got 2 shotted by a rogue do you think should I reroll a class with higher survivability?

I advised rerolling, with the caveat that I am by no means an expert. I also sent the patron to some WoW forums.

This question was then followed by genealogy, which is usually the only kind of question I get when on shift. WoW reference was a refreshing change of pace!


I would have understood instructions for a kindey transplant given in Mandarin more easily than that. Sometimes my age catches up with me.

The WoW geeks in residence here said (and this is a quote):

blink, and frost nova is your friend...

[I had to get translation too. I know just enough about WoW to understand about half of what I see.]

That is hilarious to see as a chat reference question, though. Thanks for sharing!

I'm glad both that the person thought to ask a librarian about WoW and that you had any kind of an answer to give the patron!Do you have personal knowledge of the game, or did you search for a "tips and tricks" site? If a person had a D&D question or a game based on GURPS, I'd at least have a clue where to begin.Thanks for sharing the next generation of ref questions.

I haven't ever really played WoW but I'm familiar with a few online and traditional games. When the questioner explained the situation, I said that my first inclination would be to reroll but that I'm no expert. I then pointed him to some expert sites and online forums to get a more informed opinion. It was definitely a fun experience. I wonder if he was trying to throw me a little, though.

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