Tired on Lake Erie's south shore

Well, what can I say? I had a temporary contract for a single semester as an academic librarian. I cataloged and cataloged. I did well and got good reviews.And, now what? I am back to where I was before January 7th. I am substitute teaching again. Subbing is as hard as ever but being at the end of the school year that is kinda supposed to be expected.I am still waiting to hear back from AnalogSF if my first science fiction piece (rooted in information science) submitted for publication was accepted or not. I really hope it was. Alas, when would I even know?I am tired. I am slipping back into being a SWL lately. What is a SWL? A SWL is a shortwave listener. WWCR is as interesting as ever although I am enjoying foreign broadcasts greatly. I listen to the WWCR to laugh at some of the moonbat insanity coming out of frothy mouths of those who wear not only tinfoil hats but tinfoil body armor. It can be totally hilarious at times.For what it is worth...yeah...baby's first academic conference to present a paper at is coming up. The paper is not necessarily totally library-related but does talk about a librarian being an "open source intelligence" officer for a church's elders in the midst of a disaster.That will be a scary experience. Walt and Blake are earnestly requested to give advice to this young dude.Enough for now!


I don't believe I've ever given a paper at an academic conference, since I'm not an academic and don't propose papers. (Lately, I don't speak either, but that could change.)

My normal advice would be don't sweat it too much, but since I don't attend academic conferences either, I don't know whether that's good advice. Sorry.

Walt's resume makes mine look like a booger, so he'd be better at giving advice. As much as I want to do more conferences, it'll be a few years before I can get out there much.But from a speakers point of view I'd recommend talking about what you know. If you talk about things you know and love it'll be no problem. If you get nervous (which I do frequently if I haven't been talking in along time) remind yourself you know this stuff cold, and you're just telling them what you know. I've never tried to picture the audience in their undies, but I have told myself I know more than them otherwise I would be out there and they would be up here.From a listener, don't read from a paper, don't read from power point. Make an outline, practice what you'll say and then talk about it in your own words. The best information in the world sounds super dull if it's just read. Don't use power point as a crutch, it's easy to do. Do something different, all the talks blend together.

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