First Two Story Library on Cruise Ship

I think the vast amount of resources used on these ships is simply a manifestation of a culture of exploitation. How can so few have so much? And now a library is being added as bait. Justification for the exploitation of cruise workers and destruction of the environment can't be done by adding a few books to spiff things up.

CNW group reports "Queen Victoria will not only be a classic ocean liner...she will also feature some exciting innovations. These will include the first private boxes at sea, in the Royal Court Theatre; a "Cunardia" museum, housing Cunard artifacts and memorabilia; the first two-story library at sea, with its 6,000 books and splendid spiral staircase;and a grand, British colonial-style conservatory, complete with central fountain, greenery and a retractable glass roof."

More on cruise economics at Librarian2


Well, you'd better be pushing to close down restaurants, theme parks, resorts, hotels, and a whole bunch of other centers of "exploitation." You might want to talk to some cruise employees about how they're being exploited; it might be an education (particularly if you talk to employees of Crystal or Regent Seven Seas, but I suspect also for most other lines). I trust you're camping out at ALA and taking your own food; after all, if you stay in a hotel and eat in restaurants, you're helping to exploit workers--although, of course, without such exploitation, NO will just shrivel up and blow away.

That two-story library isn't bait. Nobody goes on a cruise because it has a great library. A good library--and most cruise ships have pretty decent casual-reading fiction and nonfiction collections, thanks to Ocean Books--is an amenity; it's not a decision point.

I live in a Florida community where the Cruise Ship Industry is a huge contributor to the GOP.
"When Sept. 11 threatened to blow a hole in the Florida tourism industry -- cruises included -- Bush and the Republican-controlled Legislature found $20-million to pump up Florida's marketing. In Boston, he hopped aboard a Carnival cruise ship loaded with New England travel agents to extol Florida last fall.
The industry is grateful. Very grateful.
In June, the Cruise Industry Community Fund, a Virginia-based industry group, gave the state GOP $500,000. The campaign donations came in two checks and established the cruise industry trade group as the GOP's largest single donor for this year's campaign. Money to the state party will pay for most of Bush's re-election campaign. "(St.Pete Times,July 23, 2002).
For more on workers in cruise ships:Here is a site with more information:

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