Email As Conversation?

I know there's Allota people around here that use Gmail. I've spent a few weeks using the Gmail interface for LISNews email and I still can't get used to this "email as conversation" thing they use.

It does nothing for me, and as a matter of fact it really gets in my way. It groups all email with the same subject together regardless of who it's from or when it came in. I end up with email grouped together and essentially hidden when I don't want it grouped. I can't delete just one of those emails without deleting the entire "conversation." On top of that, it doesn't always do this. For some reason random emails with the same subject aren't grouped together for reasons I can't figure out.

I have a really simple question: What's the advantage for you? What am I missing?


I don't know how your Gmail is set up, but I've never seen the phenomenon you're describing. A conversation (on my account) consists of one post and the response(s) to that post, and so forth. Period. I find it extremely useful; it constitutes a thread. But if a post is a broadcast post, I can see that the grouping might be a problem. (Then again, I rarely use the same subject line for multiple posts, so maybe I just haven't encountered the situation.)

Good point sarahmae, I'll have to see how that works for me with my lists account, I haven't even checked that one. Thanks

I find gmail to be wonderful for grouping together listserv posts. This way I can one long message, in order, instead of a each individual message all over my inbox.

True enough, but hard for us mere mortals to achieve. Is Blake the new Kibo? Time for Blakology? Or is there just a need for Blakemail... (Mail that works the Way It Should!)

I think the answer in this case is eveyrone should be just like me. :-)

aha, look at that, why would they hide it like that? Thanks for the tip

It's funny, I've never ever not even once had the urge to put one message multiple places. I even tried to find reasons to do it when I started using gmail but couldn't figure out why I'd want to.

You can delete a single message and keep the rest of the thread. When reading the message, click on "more options" near the email address. You will than have the option to "delete this message".

I think the answer in this case may be that Gmail is the wrong tool for the job. Not that surprising: Google isn't the right tool for every job either!

"I rarely use the same subject line for multiple posts"Maybe that's my problem, I have quite a bit of email with the same subject, and most people don't, e.g.:"LISNews Feed Back""LISFeeds New Feed Suggestion""LISHost: New Account Request""LISHost: Support Request"I can have a dozen of those from 12 different people for different things on different days that I just don't want grouped together. None of those emails are conversations at all, they're just email. It's rare any of my email "conversations" are threads at all, some go back and forth twice, but it's rare there's any more than that.

The big deal for me is being able to have one message multiple places which previous "folder" types of email didn't allow. So I can have travel arrangements for conferences be tagged with travel and work and fiund them co-located with the rifght documents depending on how I sort. I am also with Walt, for me it's just an email and a reply, all emails with the subject "Hi Jessamyn" don't all get grouped together. This is complicated for mailing list type mail, but it works like a freaking DREAM for just going back and forth with people. Also the great spam eater feature (I get almost no junk mail in my real inbox and NO real messages in the spambox) and the large storage means that I keep every support email I ever get and can keyword search it fast. The fast and expandable search is really the thing that's kept me using it. I still use elm in the shell for personal-family-type email but gmail for everything else.

They love to hide thinks. Plus, the interface changes quite often. Sometimes mutiple times in a single day. You may even discover you have an option or tool that others have not seen yet. It is "beta" to the extreme.

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