Irony (public libraries trying to be like bookstores)

The Houston Chronicle did a cute little puff piece singing the praises of the local library here in Clear Lake, and I support this as a way to encourage more people to get into the library and see what is there.

That being said, the new library may be 4 times bigger than the old one, but ever since the move, I have found very little of interest to actually check out and read on the shelves. Actual new books would be there at the old library, now the very small new book shelf features things that have been around a year or more sometimes and are usually not anything I find appealing.

The new library has in fact, driven me to go to Barnes and Noble to read anything new and interesting -- which I suppose is ironic, given all the big improvements were an attempt to lure people away from the bookstores. Which apparently works just fine for non-readers.

I mostly get out DVDs from the library and the occasional book, all of which I need to request on line and wait until some other branch's copy finds its way down to Freeman. I spend way less time in the public library than I ever used to now that they've "improved" it.

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