Library in CA Closed for Cesar Chavez Day.. How Cool

I think this is awesome! Libraries in Tracy County, CA are closed today in honor of Cesar Chavez. I think we need to bring more attention to wonderful people like this.

Tracy Press Article


Tracy is in San Joaquin County, and the libraries that are closed are most of those in the Stockton-San Joaquin County Library System. Doesn't detract from the story, to be sure! (Sorry: I grew up in Modesto, in Stanislaus County, just south of Tracy, in San Joaquin County.)

thanks for callin me out =)

Libraries should be OPEN to honor this civil rights hero and his vision. I don't think closing libraries is a good idea.

Closing a library to honor Ceasar Chavez?

I think Chavez did some wonderful things for farmworkers, but closing a library to honor him is really a bit much.

Why not close them on Melville Dewey day, or Benjamin Franklin day, or Guttenburg day, or Nation Sans Serif week.

Please, lets leave the library open and have a program that teaches about the work that Chavez did.

Well, it is a legal holiday in California. Approved by the State Legislature and all. That puts it in a slightly different category than Gutenberg Day.

Well you learn something new everyday.

I staff the Florida statewide ask a librarian desk and we recieved a mail today that we would be closed April 16th. I personally know Jewish, Moslem and Agnostic librarians who have no problem working on Easter. I work during Passover and have covered for other A-A-L librarians then. Not that I am suggesting Easter be a legal holiday - Cesar Chavez day is more appropriate as a legal holiday than Easter ever could be.

Since I had no idea there was a state holiday I had to look it up and I found Texas also celebrates Cesar Chavez day. Thanks for letting me in on that Walt, sometimes ya just gotta wise me up.

I'd still keep the library open though, we close too many days I think. But I'd be open on Labor Day and Independence Day too. What can demonstrate more our Independence than the Public Libraries?

MDoneil: The way you put the last paragraph here, I don't disagree.

Cesar Chavez Day is a strange holiday, because it's a paid state holiday. So state offices are closed but most city offices are open (as are federal offices and businesses, of course). The way our paper put it, "some" schools are closed, some open. Some open schools have special events; some probably don't.

I'd guess most public libraries were open yesterday; after all, they're almost all city or county agencies.

Would it be worthwhile for public libraries to pay the double secret overtime holiday pay and be open on [some] holidays? Ideally, I think so. But when so many public libraries can't manage to stay open during evening hours on some weekdays or on Sunday, it's hard to fault them for closing on holidays.

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