What the hell?

I have to assume that http://lisnews.org/~ahzdshow/ is some sort of bot. All of the comments are the exact same thing and they are nothing but nonsensical lists of URLs.

I certainly hope the moderations are bots too because if real human people here are moderating it as funny there is really something wrong with the people who visit LISNews.

Blake you may want to look into this, I know slashcode had modding bots before- a few years ago- but I don't see a real big comment spam problem in /code nor have I heard of fake accounts by bots that create comment spam and mod it.

I know MT had such problems, but /code is more robust and I hope we don't get crap like that here.


Thanks. I thought I had caught all his crap. I did spot that right away, just missed that the comments would show up there. I doubt we'll see many bots around here, slashcode has good defenses against them.

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