Google Has It All Wrong

Do a search in google For Library News or LISNews or something like that. Google describes LISNews as: "Bibliography of books, articles, and other resources on the natural history of Washington, DC Compiled by Ryan Shepard."

I thought Google used DMOZ for those, but that doesn't seem to be the case.


I did a search in Google specifically for and it displayed the correct description from DMOZ.Within DMOZ I found an entry for the Ryan Shephard book that points to:, I think the problem may be that 1) DMOZ still has, 2)Google is using and 3)there is a book description in DMOZ that is linked to an page.I am not sure how to fix it. I guess it depends in part on whether you plan to fully convert over to or go back to officially using .org. Maybe submitting an entry/update to DMOZ would do the trick.

Aha, could be! I knew where they were getting that text, I just couldn't figure out why they'd associate it with LISNews rather than Ryan's page.

Visit this Google category -- see the entry at the bottom of the page? That's where the desc came from, but it isn't currently listed in the category that corresponds to it (but it was there until January when someone noticed that the link, here, was invalid after the move to

Here's Google's listing for posterity:

Washington, D.C. Natural History Bibliography -
Bibliography of books, articles, and other resources on the natural history of Washington, D.C. Compiled by Ryan Shepard.

Yes, that's the same description they give to

It looks like Google's software has a bug when it tries to force a description onto a domain that doesn't exist any more.

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