What I Did Yesterday

Another "Day In The Life" post. This one started out pretty rough, and a lot too early. I was too tired to finish this up last night, but this is a list of what I did yesterday.

2:30am – Baby Crying? What? My baby sleeps all night. Stupid immunizations yesterday gave her sore legs and a wicked fever. We spend an hour wondering what to do, then hit her with some baby Tylenol. For about 3 hours she falls in an out of sleep, I catch quick nap and get up with my alarm at 5:35. Wife goes back to bed, I give baby a bottle, get her to sleep for about 10 minutes. She wakes herself up with an epic pooping session. I took her temperature again, it's dropped over 3 degrees now, down to almost 100. Call the boss, tell him I'm probably not coming in. Contemplate Google search "can I sell my baby on eBay?" Go wake wife up at 7:15, baby seems happy and wide awake, fever isn't bad. Snap decision, call boss back, tell him I'll just be late. Get baby ready, wife leaves with baby at 8, grab a shower and a bowl of Cheerios, make it to work about 8:45, almost 2 hours late. Total sleep last night, about 5 hours.

8:45 – The keyword crunch continues. I'm loosing my assistant on Friday, and we have about 3,000 records to update in our database before then. The most boring, tedious job I've had in ages is not keeping me awake.

9:00 – Searching for ways to stay awake. Call wife and check in about how drop off at day care went. All is well, baby was tired but seemed fine.

9:10 - Find caffeinated beverages.

11:00 – Lunch time. I now realize I forgot my damn lunch. Forage for food. My snack drawer provide substance enough to get me though another 5 hours till I get home.

11:30 - The keyword crunch continues. I will finish this if it kills me, and chances are it will.

12:45 - Take a break, get ready for 1 O' Clock Meeting.

1:45 – Back from boring meeting. The keyword crunch continues

2:30 – Done! Took a lot less time than I thought it would. Still, no fun. Relax for a minute.

2:45 – Check in some new documents. Scan them, and file.

3:00 – Figure out how many unique keywords we have now. I needed to bounce the list between access, word and excel a few times to get a decent list. We're down to just 1100 from about 10,000! Wow, excellent. Now I need to go through that list of 1100 and make sure they're all good. Finding a few errors. So just a little more scrubbing and I think we'll be done.

3:50 – I'm tired. I feel sick, it's really cold in here today. Time to head out. Race to day care. Figure out what to do for dinner, father-in-law is coming for dinner tonite. I hope baby is well, and well rested. She's been having troubles sleeping at day care during the day.

4:20 – Daycare, swoop in and pick up baby. She looks good, not too happy, but good.

4:25 – Home, check diaper, she still feels warm, check temperature. 102! Ouch. Damn vaccinations. Quick check email, phew, no crisis's. Enjoy 6 ounce bottle with baby.

4:50 – Eek, father in law is coming over for dinner, I forgot! Quick clean house. Pray baby falls asleep in swing.

5:10 – Prayers not answered, house clean, wife calls. Tell her to stop at Wegman's and get fish fries to go for three.
5:30 – Father in law shows up.

5:50 – Food / Wife show up.

6:00 – Not the best fish fry I've ever had, but not bad. I'd expect more from Wegman's.

6:30 – Baby becoming increasingly fussy, check temp, 100, not bad. Mommy's attempt to fee fails, hand off to daddy. A couple quick shots of Tylenol for baby.

7:00 – Finished bottle with baby, attempt one to lay baby down in crib fails, attempt 2 fails, 3, fails, 4 …

7:30 – tip toe out of baby's room and hope for the best. Watch some TV with father in law and wife.

8:30 – father in law leaves, check email, answer a few, check a server issue. So tired

9:00 - Crawl into bed and hope for the best with baby.

11:59 – Baby wakes up already crying. The night went down hill from there. So this is what it's like to have a problem child.


Blake, You are providing a valuable service clueing everyone in to what it's like with a baby/child/etc. I just wish more people would think about what's it like before the deed is done. Oh the other hand, you gotta admit, the pros outweigh the cons...don't they?

I did lol about the e-bay thing...

Ugh, not the baby pooping stuff but the Wegman's fish Fry. Look Man, it is Lent, it is WNY go to the darn fire department for fish fry. (Elma VFD on Bowen Rd was tops and that is from a guy who really does not like fish.)

You can alternate tylenol (15mg/kg of baby) and motrin (10 mg/ kg of baby). Ibuprofen(Motrin) is every six hours, Tylenol is every four hours.
Remember to use the droppers that came with the products because different products have different sized droppers and different strength solutions.

Only tylenol comes in suppositories.

Of course the baby is probably all better now, and of course check with your pediatrician, your mileage may vary, and get the store brands they are lots cheaper and the same stuff.

Parenting advice from people with no kids is always so helpful.

Wow, I had no idea. Her fever is down to 100, and I just laid her down and she fell right to sleep, hopefully that's a good sign.As far as fish goes, yeah, I know... there's just no time during the week, especially last night. We'll probably go to The Crow's Nest on Friday to make up for it.

And on top of all that, I emailed you about a relatively minor issue with the website I manage, and LISHost hosts...

Please feel free to ignore such things until you have time.

Oh, and I know nothing about kids.

Sick baby, sleep deprivation, keyword crunch and clean house? I am blown away. I am wishing you and yours health, sleep, and a truly excellent dinner tomorrow.

I already held you in high esteem. Now you are over the top. I am also feeling very guilty about my grumpy "my day" post from yesterday. My day was obviously heaven; I just forgot for a moment.

P.S. I can't recommend the suppositories--seemed to mess up the whole system. Cool baths for fever reduction were a 3 am favorite at our house. Your mileage etc.

So this is what it's like to have a problem child.

No, no, no! That's what it's like to have a child . ;-)

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