A New Voice... A New Choice

Not like it matters much to me because I can't get any readio signals in when I'm at work, but An AM Station here in Buffalo just changed formats. They're going political with "left" sided talk show hosts. They call themselves the "left channel" even though they're at 1520, which is on the right side of the dial. And they're owned by the same people who own the neocon talk station, which is at 930, to the left of the dial.
So I had a listen this week and what I heard was somewhat amusing, but less interestring than I'd hoped for. Anything's better than a brain damaged deaf junkie, but I was hoping for more light and less heat.
I don't recogize any of the loud mouths they have on either:
6a-9a Bill Press
9a-12n Stephanie Miller
12n-3p Leslie Marshall
3p-7p Ed Schultz
7p-10p Stephanie Miller
10p-1a Lionel
1a-6a Joey Reynolds

I suppose it is a new voice around here, it just doesn't seem to be the one I was hoping for.


I don't listen to a lot of different talk guys, Rush occasionaly and Howie Carr a lot here in the Boston area. Talk Radio is an incredibly diffcult thing to pull off and very few have what it takes to make it entertaining and interesting.

Don't you get NPR in your neck of the woods?

It is incredibly difficult to do that 3 hours a day, five days a week. I have a lot of respect for the talent of successful radio people, regardless of politics. I've been listening to a lot of sports radio lately - Mike & Mike mostly. I really dislike Dan Patrick on the radio. I used to listen to NPR just to make myself mad.

A choice when compared with the other talk station (930) in town that runs Rush and some other neocons. We actually have 2 NPR stations in town as well, which I don't consider to be like 930 or now 1520

Yup, I could never do it.Luckily for Rush he only talks about 50% of the time and leaves the other 50 as dead air. I remember reading somewhere affiliates where buying some kind of compression equiptment to take out all the long pauses so they could sell more commercials.

Not really "a new choice" because NPR is pretty liberal in comparison to conservative talk radio. I understand they are different in formats but the content is still pretty much the same: a mixture of news and opinion (also a combination of both at the same time).

Lionel was a constant caller to a local talk radio station in Tampa, Florida. He went from chronic caller to local host and then took his show on the road, went national and syndicated it.

He is an attorney from Tampa. His name is Mike LeBron (or something like that) and he went to Stetson Law in Gulfport, Florida.

Nice enough guy, and probably not as liberal as he makes himself out to be. I think his show is on in Tampa, but I really don't listen to much talk radio.

Jim Rome and other sports radio guys tend to repeat themselves. They say something over and over; however, they do it in such a way that you don't really notice it unless you are listening for it.

Regardless of the "tricks of the trade" that these guys do, it is still a tough business to be successful in the business of talk radio. I'm really not talking about their political viewpoint or beliefs in defining success but rather their market share and audience. Radio is a tough business. Local television news is even tougher.

Makes sense: Lawyers like to hear themselves talk.

(I am one, but I don't like to hear myself talk)

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