Bouncing Boobies

The LISNews daily email goes out to about 4,000 people at last count, so there's bound to be plenty of bounces every day. One or two bounces a day are often from some kind of email content filter, Guava seems to particularly hate the LISNews emails. Last week I used "from the no-boobies-for-you dept." on a filtering story and I learned just how many libraries out there have email filtering in place.

I was really surprised at the number of bounces the word boobies caused from Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. I didn't notice any from North America or anywhere else, so it seems email content filters are more popular elsewhere. I can understand the arguments behind filtering web access, but I'm not sure I understand why you'd want to bounce email that contains "unacceptable" words. Is it a SPAM thing?

Can anyone out there on the other side of a mail filter comment on what it's like?


I have 2 own and university.I sub most things through my private e-mail but in a few cases have subs with both accounts and that's why I know the univeristy filters.
Randi Rhodes uses Rusty Warren's "Bounce Your Boobies" as a theme and here is where you can get ringtones..

It probably is an attempt to block spam. A silly one. A booby is a kind of seagull. And of course they bounce.

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