Untelling the Truth - Will Libraries Assist?

ALA Councilor at large Mark Rosenzweig has called for libraries to refuse to cooperate with the U.S. Government\'s attempts to recall an accidently released report that reveals its long-denied connections to Indonesian death squads:

My question is: will libraries which have received or ordered this book allow themselves to be complicit in the UNTELLING of the story of the US responsibility for the Indonesian massacre and military dictatorship,because the State Department has decided the release of the book was
\"ill-timed\"(something to do with the fact that the new President of Indonesia is the daughter of the US deposed George Wahington of Indonesia, Sukarno)?

Would it be possible for the Excecutive Board, the Executive Director, the President of ALA, the OIF, to issue a recommendation that American libraries NOt cooperate with any program for the removal of this book from libraries, the return of these volumes, the cancellation of orders, and more positively issue a statement that libraries are not in thebusiness of controlling information by government dictat, nor in the supression of a document which finaly makes accessible the proof of long-alleged US State
Department, CIA, Armed Forces etc involvement in one of the great debacles of the late 2Oth Century? (More from Library Juice .)

More from an earlier article posted here.

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