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A missed email caused me to chance my "bounce filters", and the first uncaught bounce was someone's "New Submission" email that didn't make it. That surprised me, I had no idea that was even an option (my wife just said "how could you not know that?", to which I responded "I dunno, my site does a million things, I can't know it all"), so I thought I'd have a look at all my (and yours) Message Options. It turns out there's a lot more than I thought. I'm going to write about everything I can see, which may not be the same thing you can see (I have super powers).

Many of the LISNews messages have a web/email option.

"Bad login attempt warnings" Sounds interesting, I guess I can see if someone appears to be cracking an account.

"Comment Moderation" That's one I've been using. If one of my comments gets moderated, I get a web message.

"Comment Reply" Another handy one, if anyone replies to my comment I get a message.

"Daily Headlines" & "Daily Newsletter" This is the daily mail sent out with the stories from the day.

"Daily Moderation Stats" A summary of all the moderation action. There's not much action most of the time, but it makes for some interesting reading sometimes.

"Daily Site Stats" This one has a more complete summary of what happened the day before.

"Email Story" This isn't really message, but rather a way to stop LISNews from sending you stories. I'd say this really doesn't fit here at all, but I suppose there's not really a better place to put it.

"Interuser Messages" I don't think this one works, but is something that was half done and never got finished. I could be wrong, but I can't find a way to send someone a message.

"Journal Entry by Friend" This works along with the Zoo plugin and allows you to get a ping when one of your "friends" writes in their journal.

"Journal Reply" If someone leaves a comment on one of your journal posts you can get a message. Handy to see what people are saying about what you write.

"Metamoderation Results" Your moderations, when you do them, get moderated, and this is how you find out how you did.

"New Submission" This is the one I didn't know about. Any time there's a new submission you can get a message. Kinda handy, but you'll get several messages a day with this one.

"Relationship Change" Another part of the zoo plugin. If someone adds you as a friend (or enemy) you can get a message.

I guess I should click around a bit more and see what other things LISNews can do that I don't know about!


That reminds me: I know longer get moderator privileges. I do still have 109 karma points, and I still get metamoderations, but no points. Is it because I no longer submit as often?

And whatever happened to that QuickSubmit script? I don't have that in my bookmarks any more and it was really handy.

Oh drat. You're the second person to remind me of that and I keep forgetting. One of the scripts I forgot to move over from the old-old, or maybe it was the new-old server, was the one that gives everyone mod points when they run out.As for the QuickSubmit, that's around here somewhere, I'll have to post that again. I didn't think anyone was using it.

Best little feature I ever came across. Just select your page, click the bookmark, and presto! -- one submission form ready to go. Loved it. Felt like hell when I lost it.

Ah. Here I thought I wore out my welcome, or accidentally changed my settings or something. I do prefer metamoderating to regular moderating, so it's not something I really miss, but it's nice to know I am not not wanted.

The QuickSubmit sounds fab--I am definitely interested in any increase in speed, as my new life/job in California leaves little time all around. Hope it turns up!

Fang and I want to moderate one another :)

Really, some of the opinions I see on LISNews I think are really nutty, (present company excluded) but the people they come from are often surprisingly interesting. One post makes me think someone is a complete whacko and the next one makes me think they are brilliant. I think I have moderated everyone who posts up (as opposed to down) for something sometime.

I guess that goes along with my you can't have an interseting discussion with someone who agrees with you theory.

So when you say "moderate" you do me "kill", right?

I would have moderated that as funny, Fang-Face probably would have too, not that I presume to speak for my esteemed online colleague, but I bet he would have.

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