My parish library catalog (mostly) on the web

I've started a LibraryThing account for the parish library that I'm responsible for. Please check out our growing catalog. Please consider writing reviews for any of the books you've read.

LibraryThing has a nice import function that allows you to upload a list of ISBNs and have matching records added to your catalog. I still have fair amount of work to do. There are 917 items cataloged and LibraryThing recognized 540 unique items.


... and interesting to me, since am using LibraryThing for a somewhat similar project. I volunteer at a children's home that has a small library (sans librarian) whose collection has never (apparently) been really inventoried, much less cataloged in any way. So I'm using LT to create a raw list of what we have, first. Once that's done, I'm not sure what will be next. Certainly the collection needs weeding (seriously), as well as organizing in the physical space (big time). Before those can occur, though, we have to be able to see what we have!I'm able to work on this only an hour or so at a time, once or twice a week. Another volunteer is helping me, and keeps different hours from me. So we are always stopping and starting, leaving a marker on the shelf where we left off last time. I asked for a barcode scanner to speed the process. I don't know whether we'll end up getting one, but at the moment it matters not, since I'm currently working my way through a section of Very Old Books from Before the Dawn of ISBN. What I could really use right now is a stepstool, since I am quite short, and the shelves go almost to the ceiling.Anyway, I'm feeling my way around in LibraryThing, and it's helpful seeing that you're using it for a comparable project. Thanks.

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