India Digitizes Age-Old Wisdom

According to a news article published in the Washington Post, Sunday, January 8, 2006; Page A22, India's ancient health remedies from its traditional system of medicine called 'Ayurveda' will soon be made electronically available through a new database being designed.


'Tapping on a computer keyboard, the 27-year-old physician enters its properties in a database that eventually will contain more than 100,000 such traditional remedies -- the collective wisdom of the ancient healing arts known as ayurveda , unani and siddha , the latter based on the teachings of the Hindu god Shiva.'

'More broadly, the compilation of the Traditional Knowledge Digital Library reflects a nationalistic pride in India's ancient scientific heritage as well as its citizens' continuing faith in herbal and other natural treatments that often are viewed with skepticism in the West.'

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India Digitizes Age-Old Wisdom.

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