New Site/Server/Domain Name

The new server is now handling all LISNews (.com and .org) traffic. It's a slightly bigger/better/fast server, so it might serve up pages quicker (or will it do things more quickly?). The old server was rarely slow, so you might not even notice a difference.

There's still more than a few things to do, but it looks like most of the major functionality is working. Let me know if you spot anything major. Some of the feeds are probably not updating, the journals box doesn't appear on the index page unless you're logged in, the colors are wrong, none of the sections urls work (something I have no idea how to fix at this point) and some of the CSS seems to be a bit messy. There was big issues with the new topic setup, but I think I got that ironed out last night. I don't think I'll have the mailing list ready to go until next week, and the footer doesn't pull quotes from the quote Db yet.

Well, I could go on and on, but let me just leave it at that. The only thing left on the old server is my email and assorted old files which I'll be cleaning up and moving over tonite just before I turn it off.


Hi Blake,In response to your comment, "The journals box only appears when you're logged in." I think you might be missing something.Under the old system, there were TWO journals boxes. One that appeared no matter whether you were logged in or not (i.e. ALL the recent journals) and a box that only listed journal entries of your designated friends - that's the one that only appears when you are logged in.But the rolling list of most recent journals doesn't appear even if you are logged in.

I've got the box of most recent journal entries (and the friends entries one) on my main page when I log in. When I first started using the other site, I went in to Homepage and selected the boxes I wanted to see when I was logged in. It's down near the bottom under "customize slashboxes". When we migrated over here, none of my settings changed. I honestly don't remember if the recent journals box showed up before when I wasn't logged in because I mostly stayed logged in...


Thanks, yup, got that, that's actually what I meant to say, just did a bad job of saying it. I can't remember if it came like that the first time or if I added it. I'll figure that out soon.

okey dokey. And the "Journals" link doens't go to the top page, that's an easy fix. The list of fixes is getting tooooo looooong!

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