Harriet Miers Judgement

Like many of you, I am confounded about President Bush's choice for the next Supreme Court nominee.
Based on this photo ,though, it's pretty clear to me that she has extremely poor judgement regarding how to do her hair.


It's worse now. Makes her look her age.

What I love about this is that seemingly nobody is thinking in terms of where she stands on the left-to-right Christian spectrum! People worry about her hair and why she seems to have no opinions. I am just amazed that seemingly nobody is picking up on her falling within the Stone-Campbell Restoration Movement tradition of Christianity. If folks wanted something to be worried about start looking into what the hermeneutical practices of that tradition are as they are said to be a cross between "Scottish Common Sense Realism" and English Common Law. That is what folks should be worried about! If that philosophical approach to reading the Bible was imported to working with interpreting laws...things could get interesting.

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