A Week With Bloglines

Here's a poorly kept secret: I don't use a feed reader. I was writing feeds when you were still in diapers. I run an entire site devoted to feeds. I run another site that has several dozen feeds. My experience has been almost 100% supply side for RSS.

Steven M. Cohen will be so proud! I've been using Bloglines on a regular basis for about a week. I loaded a bunch of feeds last week, including all the feeds from LISFeeds thanks to my new secret LISFeeds OPML file. So all week I've been hitting my Bloglines account a few times a day. It's been working well for some feeds, and not so good for others. There will still be sites I continues to visit via the good ol' web browser, and, if I stick with it, there are a few sites I won't. I don't think I'll ever be gaga over aggregators, to me they are just one more tool that, if used correctly, can help me learn more. I'm not entirely sure they even save me much time. I don't read that many sites to begin with, and I don't really have the time or curiosity to read that much more.

I've been quickly taking feeds out that aren't in English, and others that seem to post too much crud I don't want to read. I've learned using an aggregator is a bad way to keep up with general news. There's just too much going on for me to ever get caught up. What I do like is having very small niche topics with just a few sites in each.

I've discovered how much I still like the Motley Fool. I'm keeping up with several "lifehacks" sites that I really enjoy. I see a lot of overlap between sites, more than I thought was out there. I think I need to take out allota more feeds. There's too much in there already, and I'll never be able to find good stuff in the endless piles of posts. A few other bits: It's great for comics! Bloglines is surprisingly slow, all the time. I don't really feel like I've learned more, even though I've been reading more.

Most importantly, I've been seeing LISNews through a reader for the first time and I can see how I can make some improvements. My strip_tags is stripping too much formatting out of the feed, it can use a new image, and more useful information might make them more, uh, useful. So hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to work on adding more things into our many feeds.


"my new secret LISFeeds OPML file" -- why secret? Let us have a look :)

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