The Adventures of Tom Shanghai 9.

tightly, I spun my two eyes and whole head in greatest freedom. “Be careful! Not to fly down to Heaven!� The server said. “Never mind!� My uncle said. “I am dragging the boy’s leg safely.�
Adjusting the focus of the telescope, I began to admire all Shanghai’s landscape. Straight before me, there are a series of characteristic buildings: the Broadway Mansions Hotel. The Peace Hotel. The customs big clock, which is from England and, can play music at intervals. The Chinese-Soviet Union Friend ship Mansions with golden five-pointed star in typical Moscow style. Especially, I was attracted by a pointed style of architecture with large windows and steep roofs. It was Gothic dreamy building that looked as though it had come out of an Andersen Fairy…
“Little boy, an excellent writer, has his representative work: an excellent city,� with a cigarette butt in his mouth, my uncle sat on the soft chair; admiring the smoke rings he was blowing. “Has its representative architecture. All the buildings you see now are the first class. And the Park hotel is the best one in all these architecture stars. The Park Hotel is also called the International Hotel. Shanghai’s is largest city in the Far East. There must be a center or zero point. At least for geographically measuring. And the International hotel is called the Zero Point of Shanghai. It is accurately the center of Shanghai circle.�
“I found a basic fact when I commanded a view of the whole Shanghai’s,�
I drank a glass half-full of whisky.� Shanghai’s magnificent architectures originate in various countries of the whole world. So, my spiritual civilization, too, ought to absorb various creams from the market-oriented countries of all mankind. Absolutely, America included.�
Standing by a police box in Huashan Road near Shanghai Jiaotong University, I tried to find next destination

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