The Adventures of Tom Shanghai 7.

spareribs on the coal stove with a frying pan. “What happens?� she was in a daze, looking at my face strangely.
“My teacher asked me to go to the hospital so that I could help wangling. But he was not there. You wrote that he had been in high fever and went to the hospital. You dropped me so many times. And I look upon times as my life,� I shrugged my shoulders.
“He is now in his aunt’s home in Guangzhou. I wrote it for getting leave more easily.� Wang’s mother smiled.
“You oughtn’t to cheat the teacher; or, the teacher will thinks I cheat her!� I said kindly. “Excuse me. But not too serious, not too nervous.� Wang’s mother suggested.
“In this world, the most important is seriousness. Our communist are most serious. Mao Zedong often teaches us.�
“You are neither communist nor a member of the communist Young Pioneers.� She patted on my shoulders, and continued. “So I advice you not to do things too earnestly. After all, you are a boy born in Shanghai-an international big city. You head must started to work intelligently. Intelligence is more important than honesty and kindness and compliance and elegance…don’t take after the peasant’s son from a backward Chinese countryside.� “Awfully advice, anyway!� I cheered up at once.
“Ok. Yes. All right!� automatically and rapidly, I associated the Wang’s aunt with my uncle. I have no money to go to Guangzhou. But I have bicycle to go to my uncle’s home in Nanshi district in Shanghai. I designed on idea. So, I cycled along, singing happily, towards my uncle’s home in Fuxin road. I pushed the bike on the sidewalk instead of riding it when the big lip cap or the pontoon of policeman appeared. They don’t allow me riding on the street. Because of I am only eight years old. My uncle Song, he is working at the blast furnace workshop in shanghai Steel Factory. And today he is on night duty. He has two dogs.

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