The Adventures of Tom Shanghai 5.

top and purely down below, laying on a bad of Shanghai JingAn central hospital,� Ding Ling Ling…Ding Ling Ling…I pushed the bike bell. Constantly. “According the principle of Mao Zedong Thought, we must show concern for everyone. I am going to visit her.�
“Want to use my bicycle?� my sister smiled.
“Yes. Truly. Ok!� I began to excite interest.
“But I am afraid the bicycle is too high for you to ride,� sister worried.
“No problem! I can stretch out one of my legs into the triangle frame of the bicycle. This motion can lower height to ride bike. My body can stand the bike’s weight if it fell. Your new car will be protected automatically. Understand?� I answered.
“You speak very subtly and profoundly. Where did you learn from this balance theory? From which professor?� sister nodded.
“We need a mood in enthusiasm but calmness; we ought to do work intensely but methodically,� I laughing. “I am studying Mao’s book by myself, enjoying Mao’s copyright freely.�
“Oh! Nonsense! You can not call Mao Zedong Copyright for Mao Zedong Thought.� My sister said with prettily emphatic. “The thought is a priceless common wealth for all mankind. But copyright is only a tool of making money for popular novelist in USA.� My sister seemed lost in thoughts. “My youngest brother, you are not too foolish. But really, you have no any Communist political brains. So, you can not find any bright chance in Communist China.� The eldest sister forecasted. “Your future will be very dark in China!�
“What is politics? Great science in governing country or deceptive tool in duping people?� I asked seriously.
“Yes or No. No or Yes.� She hesitated with no answer.
“Aren’t there any advantages in USA?� I asked suspiciously. “Freedom! Independent! Equality! Democracy!

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