The Adventures of Tom Shanghai 4.

“I love car badly. But I cannot afford a car of Lincoln brand or Cadillac. I can not even afford:永久牌自行車.These Chinese words mean: Everlasting brand bicycle, made in shanghai china. So, I can only enjoy neighbor’s deformed bicycle.�
“What is Ford? What is Cadillac? We need pure Chinese goods and shanghai goods is an excellent representative of Chinese goods. All foreign goods are no good. What is Dulles? What is Lincoln? Kind boy! You have a blind faith in USA. All politicians are cheats except honest Mao Zedong.� My sister said very angrily.
“Counter communist bad words? Dangerous!� My sister was worried. “Now, the international reactionary forces were destroyed. The Soviet Union was destroyed. So did USA. The United States is a paper tiger. Only our new china goes ahead from victory to another victory. Under the leadership of Chairman Mao Zedong. It was Mao who established the People’s Republic of China.�
My sister words showered down upon me like little steel ball. “We are a true tiger, positively a true tiger with two steely wings,� paused for a moment, she adding. “So, from childhood, we must love our beloved leader Mao Zedong. We must love the Communist Party of china. This is great, glorious, and correct. We must love Chinese people. Who are intelligent, courageous, and hard working? No other thing is more important.� My sister said at last. “We are from Chinese capitalist family. So, according Mao’s suggestion, we have to change our capitalist soul to the Communist’s
“Maybe USA a bad country. But Cadillac or Lincoln is really very excellent. We should respect basic fact logically.� I answered.
“Who need logic? Who need fact? We need only Marxism, Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought!�
“One of my classmates have a high fever, throwing up on-

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