The Adventures of Tom Shanghai 3.

-defense. Offensive is the best defense. I look like a poor goal getter. I shoot at the goal as possible as I can, even if fail thoroughly. My standard in table tennis is not too high. However, I can play it better than those can contemporary, clearly. There is no an invincible general. And I would stop the others free competition if always wins. So, I handed my bat to a nice girl with a kiss on her curved rose lips. She cursed me bad boy. The boy who kissed a girl is a bad boy. Absolutely. Follow the customs of China in 1964.
“I sat down by the entrance of my home, watching people coming and going on the lane. My eyes are blinking keenly. A neighbor appeared, I saw her from the corner of my eye, who was alighting from her hand-bike, who is called Stick Wang, who is a person suffering from poliomyelitis. Who did two wooden sticks support. In a hurry, she forgot her bike key on the handpicked. There was a good chance for me.
“Hello, so early,� she asked. “What are you waiting for?�
“Thank you!� I answered. “Waiting for a bicycle.�
I took the hand bicycle smartly when neighbor left. I held steering wheel tight in one hand and spun handle in another hand. I had no the strength to spin the handle. So, stood up and oppressed handle in the weight in all my body. The little friends boosted and cheered. The hand bicycle started zigzag and quickened its advance gradually.
“Oh! Little Dong, you are not a cripple,� Shouted a voice. “But why do you play the bike with two hands? I’ll report mother at once!� Oh! It is my eldest sister, called Fey. Who was riding a new bicycle and wearing a new military uniform. My eldest sister is, sixteen years older than I am. She will get married soon. She had been admitted to a famous aeronautical engineering college in Nanchang of Jiangxi province when I was born. And entered the aeronautical engineering institute in Beijing after graduation. She returned home on leave these days.

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