The Adventures of Tom Shanghai 2.

Mother noticed the calendar above the bedside cupboard. There was a picture in the calendar: a little woman is taking a fat boy in her arms, and the little boy is preparing for setting a couple of pigeon free. “Oh. Today is international children’s day!� my mother understood at once. “All right. Therefore, you ought to let me become a pigeon and can fly independently and freely! At least today.� I turned and make one step to run back with the little football.
“Slowly!� Mother passes me two apples and two eggs. “Slowly!�
“Faster. Faster!� I responded very joyfully. “Today activity is very rich.�
“Pay attention to traffic safety,� said mother.
“I never am killed by a big bus,� I answered. “How silly you are! You will never go home if you are killed. And the consequence would be more dangerous if you were badly hurt but not to die,� mother said anxiously. “Who can support you if paralyzed from eight to eighty?�
“Bus Company. Bus Company. And if get out of control…� I paused and showed my white wristband of white shirt. There were some clear ink words in it: No.24 lane123. Yean Road Shanghai.PRC.
“Oh! My God! Why do you scrawl in ink,� My mother cried sharply. “On the white shirt!�
“See you again,� I pushed the door open and flew downstairs.
A few little friends waited for me in the lane. They are: ChengKangliang…Yeben…Jiangweiyuan… wangxinhua…Yeling xiang and zhouxinyi…at first, we played hide-and-seek, rolling iron hoop, jumping rope…But soon I felt very much bored. So, I dragged a heavy plank and two backless benches out of our drawing room. And structured a simplest ping-pong ball table. Rapidly.
My nature is very urgent and very imperative. In playing ping-pong, I love to overpower smashes but not good at-

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