The Adventures of Tom Shanghai

Tomshanghai is a spiritual adventurer!
Tomshanghai was born on March.19.1956 in the center in Shanghai, Chinese largest city. My father is a doctor. In 1964, at the age of eight, I began to Study Mark Twain and Jack London and Ernest Hemingway. I astonishingly found: I am roughly similar with MLH. At least in the fields of ambition and will and spiritual power and humor...
Why can they become an international famous novelist from a naughty boy? Why I can't? At least, I am willing to adventure in all my life. for became a big novelist like Jack London!
My spirit system is very firm and steady. So,very sorry. No. Even terrible! In Mao Zedong era, we had no any basic human right! It is impossible to publish news or book in America. If I do, Maybe Mao Zedong will kill me. Yesterday's China, Mao said, it is an autocratic country! But I have my independent creative spirit! so, I wait and wait and wait...
Today's China,is turning to a democracy country and we have freedom of speech. Of course, it is just beginning! so I can realize my boyhood dream. And start to write book for my USA young readers in 2005. But I already waste forty yearsï¼?Absolutely, I can't live forty years any more! But I am adventurer in all my life.I can't stop advance bravely. After all,I am younger not only than Ernest Hemingway but also than Bush!
In the novel, you can see my funny and tortuous and imaginative stories.Through my vivid action, you can see shanghai short history from 1848-2005 and the great changes in ancient China from 1949-2005. My book is not pure literature but valuable social informations.In orther Blogs my book is welcome. So do you, I am sure firmly! Thank you all USA friends! Any comment are warmly welcome!

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