U.S. Govt Wants to trace you on the net

According to Wired, the little privacy we have on the internet may be too much.

The ease of hiding one\'s identity on the Net is giving police migraines and justifies providing broad new powers to law enforcement, the White House says in a forthcoming report.
The federal government should take steps to improve online traceability and promote international cooperation to identify Internet users, according to a draft of the report commissioned by President Clinton. Police should be able to determine the source of hacker attacks or \"anonymous emails that contain bomb threats,\" states the 200 KB document prepared by a high-level working group chaired by Attorney General Janet Reno.
Although the report was largely complete before last month\'s prominent denial-of-service attacks, it will likely influence the debate over how the U.S. government should respond to them.
The FBI has not made any arrests during its investigation, and bureau officialsTuesday told Congress that anonymity and the global nature of the Internet
pose serious problems.

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