Ya gotta feel for the FBI

Feel what? Feel sorry? Feel empathy, sympathy, fed up? This is one agency that seems to be kicked while it's down more often than not. This short story posted at FCW.COM is a good example.

For a couple of years now, the CIOs at the nation's premier investigative agency have been trying to create a database that will allow them to have access to as much of their own internal information as possible. Earlier this year, after spending millions on a contractor to do just that, they scrapped the original project and have now opened (and extended) bids for a NEW data management system.

On the soapbox again, but this ties into a previous post of mine about in-house expertise in the federal sector. Part of it is knowledge of the technology and what it can do, but a larger part may be knowledge of how to write a coherent "scope of work" to ensure you get the product you need.

(sounds of knees creaking as I step gingerly off the soapbox)


new powers of information gathering. It already has more information than it can effectively share inside the agency, let alone with other agencies. So there is no real need for USAPA.Let them organize the dots they have before demanding more dots!Thanks for letting me seize your soapbox. Your original point is quite well taken and your posts are always interesting.

Agreed. I hadn't even considered the USAPA aspects. I was just looking at it from a screwedup technology implementation perspective. I wonder why sharing information seems to be so difficult - and not just for gov't agencies, either?

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