Someone sent me this email about a post I made in my journal that contained two poems by Ted Kooser. (U.S. Poet Laureate)
I feel uncomfortable with your publishing two complete poems of Ted
Kooser's on lisnews unless he has given you copyright clearance? Maybe
link to the poems he chooses to publish on his own website?
The email was signed and it was from an identifiable email address. Kudos to the librarian in question for having the intestinal fortitude to sign their email. I have removed the post with the poems. On a philosophical note I object to taking down the poems. I think it is the responsibility of every librarian to operate on the very edge of 'fair use". Numerous copyright forces work to push back the definition of "fair use" and I think every librarian should push back. Here are links to the poems at Kooser’s site and the Library of Congress.
Flying at Night
Selecting a Reader

Original Post minus poems
Ted Kooser is the current Poet Laureate of the United States. The Nebraska Center for Writers has a short bio here.

One of the poems I like is called "Selecting a Reader"

Selecting A Reader

(poem was here)

The other poem I really like is:

Flying at Night

(poem was here)


I noticed that the Library of Congress did obtain permission to reproduce the poems, they also provice a link to request permission. I agree that librarians must educate themselves on fair use and use it to the fullest extent, but I also believe that if there is a specific procedure to request permission, it is appropriate to do so.

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