librarian knitters

Are there more perfect creatures?

Amanda's list will get you connected with other librarian chicks (and, uh, boy chicks? guys doesn't rhyme) with sticks. Be sure to follow the link to the Gangsta Knitter video for a glimpse of Knitmaster SSK.


My friend Mimi is a knitting librarian and posted about her and her mom knitting through Katrina. She also started a South Florida knitting posse, Sweet Stitchin' Betties (more info on her blog). I am an honorary, virtual member, since I neither live in South Florida, nor knit with any degree of skill.

but I knit. In fact I'm months behind getting a scarf done for my niece. I'm hoping once football season starts up I'll have plenty of time while watching games to catch up.

Greg, I didn't realize that you knitted! We should set up a Boston area librarians kniting circle :)

LOL...yeah, that's what we need. A heavily political profession, all sitting in a circle holding pointed metal objects. ;)

for all the other cool librarian knitters out there, join heidi's ring:This is a web ring for librarians, archivists, and other information professionals who knit. Going to ALA, PLA, SAA or another conference? Use the ring to find out who else is going, and plan a meetup!You must have a personal web site with a focus on librarianship (and its permutations) and knitting, but it can be 90% knitting/10% library stuff, or any other balance of the two as long as both are represented in some way. Library students and currently inactive professionals are also welcome to join the ring. d=428from skully, kindly mentioned by rochelle

sorry- when i post the link, it puts an extra space between the letters i and d at the end. Fix that and you're there! d=428

Wow. Heidi is not only a librarian knitter, she is a librarian knitter in Michigan!

from Deb, fellow resident of the happy mitten

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