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Hey all--

I have a writer friend who has some of his work saved in Word Pro. He asked if I knew how to convert it to Word. I don't. I have looked around online and found a few things, but trust youse guys above unknown forum posters. He's willing to pay for a conversion service, but if it's something relatively easy, I can give it a whirl (Please note that according to Blake's Library Geek post, I do not qualify. I do, however, have nunchuck and bowstaff skills.)


opening the file in MS Word. It really should be that easy. When I worked at Big Blue we used Lotus SmartSuite that as far as I recall contained Word Pro amongst other things. Our client used MS Word and if I wanted to convert the file I just opened it in MS Word and saved it as a .doc

I know you can save as an rtf file and I even think you can save as a .doc file. Failing the ability to open in MS Word just buy Word Pro (or Smart Suite) it is available on Amazon for $12.99 new. Open the old ones in Word Pro and then save them as whatever MS Word format (or rtf) you want.

Happy Converting.

I think he has tried that, which is why he asked me for help. I'll get some more info from him. I hesitate to just ask him for a disk, since he's a Real Writer. I'd hate to wreck two years of research, ya know...


There was a program that I think shipped on the Lotus Suite CD, called KeyView, which was originally analogous to Microsoft's Word Viewer, in that it was designed to allow other people to view/print the your files if they didn't have the appropriate software. IBM sold it off, and it eventually landed in Verity's hands. They amped it up into a multi-format conversion program, which can be found here. But an installer for the original KeyView can still be downloaded from Lotus's FTP site. I think you *should* be able to cut-and-paste from it into MS Word. Some of the formatting may suffer, but it still might be useful.

At the very least, newer versions of MS Word can be asked to "Recover text from any document" in the File->Open dialog box (don't foget to change it back to normal when you are done). This will yank in the text, plus render the Word Pro formatting, and any graphics, as a lot of grabage to be hand-deleted.

Also, DataViz has its own swiss army knife (competing with Verity's version of KeyView) in Conversion Plus, which I believe will handle Word Plus.

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