i'm feeling lucky

1. I've become an every-day address-bar searcher. I've been using Firefox for awhile now, but didn't realize that, by default, Firefox does a "Google I'm Feeling Lucky Search" (you can change this behavior if you aren't into I'm Feeling Lucky).

What, pray tell, do I use I'm Feeling Lucky for. Well, as a librarian I frequently need to hop to different library homepages, so now I just hit a key to get to the address bar and type such things as "texas tech library" and "north texas library".

2. Which brings us back to this 2002 comment on The Shifted Librarian, back when "a whole heck of a lot of people don't know about Google." What was interesting is that, supposedly, web content providers at that time stopped buying all of the multiple domains (.net .com .edu) because everybody would just search for it. Three years later, I believe that less people do sit there and try and guess the domain. I mean, three years ago, did we have the same confidence in searching? I believe that even Internet Explorer users are trying out search toolbars for more convenient searching.

But after reading Walt's latest Cites & Insights, I am even more skeptical about librarians' analysis of Google. Am I supposed to believe that three years ago not many people heard of Google, but now these same people believe that Google replaces libraries? I would contend that librarians know more quality websites, so they know what they are trying to find more, so search engines like Google would be more appropriate for librarians because librarians have more background knowledge. What do y'all think?

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