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What would a proper subject heading be that would address podcasting? Are there any monographic book forms on the topic? Are there any appropriate journals discussing the matter that are contained within aggregators that could be accessed through OPLIN (Ohio Public Library Information Network)?Now why do I ask? My church's elders want me to prepare a report for them about podcasting. Even though we have our own institutional blog they want to leap into podcasting. I was banging my head into the wall yesterday thinking where such books and/or articles could be found in my Northeast Ohio resources available. Regrettably I got nowhere.Granted, it is a Saturday. Could I put in some serious search time today? Nope. I just got back from camp Sunday. Today I go back to selling batteries and other stuff.If you've got questions, I hope and pray I have answers...Any suggestions as to subject headings or sources to leap off from utilizing "pearl-growing" would be greatly appreciated.


Podcasting has only been around since August 2004, when former MTV DJ Adam Curry launched Daily Source Code. Given the glacial pace of assigning LC subject headings, what podcasting books exist are probably filed under "computers" or "Internet".I'd go with a title keyword search on WorldCat.On Amazon, several people claiming to be podcasters themselves have put together lists. Running those titles through WorldCat or your local union catalog might give you an idea of subject headings to use.Additional resources oriented to religious podcasting include:Catholic Insider - A Catholic priest describes his podcasting setup on right hand of page and provides links to podcasting resources.Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod - Recently podcasted their convention.One caution - has your church surveyed it's potential audience? I'd say that broadband access is a REQUIREMENT to receive podcasts. If your potential listeners are mostly dialup users, the Rapture may come before they finish downloading the first podcast!On the server side, your church may find itself going through more than 75GB a month if their shows become popular.Good luck in writing your report!

There's a lot of material being generated about podcasting every day. This dmoz.org category will take you to some good starting points for further searching.

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