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I've been away since last weekend (and still am) on the PA Rails to Trails "Greenway Sojourn", a six day bike trip from Erie PA to Cabot (near Pittsburgh PA). The full trip is six days, but I decided to turn in my wristband after three long hard days of riding and tenting. It was fun, but really strenuous (for me) - 35 mi. a day and pitching a tent in pouring rain on middle school ballfields and parks in Erie PA, Clymer NY, (we crossed the state line & then back to) Franklin PA, where I'm holed up in a lovely B& B (with wireless and a laptop) til my husband (cycling on) picks me up on Friday night. Lots of adventures on the way, including an angry landowner in Spartanburg PA who scattered tacks on the rail trail (even though it wasn't his property) and almost half the riders got flat tires. Titusville Herald story . Ah, the rugged outdoors life!

and..more press on our "Greenway Sojourn":

Leader Times

Pittsburgh Post Gazette


I must be paranoid. When I saw your PA Ride heading, I thought it stood for "Patriot Act Ride" and was going to detain how someone was arrested for riding in circles in the wrong place!It sounds really lovely where you are. What a way to spend a vacation!

Those goys in France make it across the country and you can't make it a few miles? Wimp!

it is/was sort of fun. Kind of like manhood traning for a young African before he's admitted to the tribe. Looks like I ain't gonna become a man or be admitted to the tribe. Some of the trails were really scenic, some of the towns adorable. The camping has turned out to be even tougher than the biking., Lots of tent collapses, etc. But contratry to what my friend Blake says, I'm no wimp. I'm a wimpette.

Ok Blake, you got me. I took the "escape route." But it's been unbelievably challenging. Might make a good short story. Actually, one of the riders is doing a story for Adverture Cycling, i'll let you know when it comes out.

It's a good thing I got off the ride cause it turns out that I got a fairly significant eye injury yesterday, an abraised cornea from rubbing some grit that was in my eye. I went to an opthamologist here in Franklin PA, who told me it was on of the biggest scratches he's seen. Not THE biggest but it hurts alot. I'm typing with one eye closed.

So go ahead and call me names Blakester, sticks and stones will scratch my eye, but names will never hurt me. I'm really appreciating this little inn, the nice host who's been dragging me around and feeding me, a clean bed, claw footed tub and a FLUSH TOILET. Hurrah! Back to civilization Saturday. Be sure to read that story in the Titusville's amazing that someone would want to intentionally ruin the ride for the cyclists. The guy was not named in the article, but everyone in the town of Spartanburg knows who he is.

Blake, if you want me to continue on as author and pollster, I will require a huge salary increase, after suffering the slings and arrows of your name-calling. At least double pay plus benefits.

Go Lance!

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