Harry's in the house!

We just got our first shipment of Harry Potter. It's huge, but not as big as the last one methinks. Anyone want me to ruin the ending for them? ;-)


public library? what state? Omigawd I hope we get ours soon! I can read it before vacation! Woo-hoo!!

Where *do* you work, a bookstore? And don't you dare ruin the ending! :-)

If I were you I wouldn't even joke about having looked at it. Scholastic will be all over your hiney for violating the no-lookey contract.

(There's no forbidden love between Snape and Hermione, is there? I get all sorts of hits on my blog looking for Hermione/Snape fanfic).

LOL... sorry about the late response between concerts and a buggy interweb conncection I am just now getting to my journal. I work at the Nashville Public Library, and I had a legit reason for looking at the books. I had to catalog them afterall and I needed the no. of pages so I sneaked a look at the ending. I won't spoil it for any of you, but I'll be curious to hear what you all think.

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