Politics Thursday: Ten Things to Consider Before Enlisting

Welcome to the second edition of Daniel's "Politics Thursday", an ongoing effort to save the rest of the week for other topics.

This week's topic: Enlistment Advice

Ten Points to Consider Before Signing a Military Enlistment Agreement is a poster I saw at one my local bookstores and hope you'll start seeing in places.

To the War Party, I say “Relax!� If a young man or woman goes through these ten steps, including talking to veterans about the pros and cons of military service, they'll make a much better soldier than someone who feels they were cheated by their recruiter.

If you don't like their ten points, dream up some of your own and start leafleting.

If it seems like I've ignored some important political/military development this week, it's because I'm taking a news fast this week. I try to do that on vacations and this week it's been very relaxing!


Not a thing wrong with any of it that I can see. There should be a similar one for going to college.

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