Hi, My name is Greg McClay


What, specifically, would you like to focus on and accomplish as a councilor for ALA? What are the major problems or issues that you would like to see ALA address? And what are your answers to those problems and issues?

In my statement I say:

" I'm not asking you, as a voter, to be conservative or as conservative as I am. I am asking you to support a change in ALA. An attempt to bring some balance, some clear thinking, back to the organization and to put a stop to the political party atmosphere that has turned ALA into a sideshow."

And I will help do this by putting a stop to:

"The resolutions on torture, the War in Iraq, and using President Bush as a punching bag are all excuses to not deal with real library issues. On the few occasions ALA does address real issues it is from such extreme political positions as to be offensive to the majority of Americans we serve."

You mention "real" library issues. I was trying to draw you out and get a sense of what the real issues are to you, and what you would like to see done about them.

Real would be issues that actually affect us, like the Patriot Act, Filters, Library Education, Library Funding, Technology...

How do you feel about OIF? Would you want to change anything they do, or do you think they are doing fine the way they are?

I think OIF is too often jumping onto the bandwagons of other organizations concerning various court cases. Intellectual Freedom and Free Speech are not *exactly* the same thing and it dilutes the resources that Libarians invest in ALA to chase every 1st Amendment case going on. For now I really don't plan on doing anything about OIF, there are bigger concerns to deal with.

If I could vote, you'd get mine. Librarians have the opportunity to be the best informed voters in the country, and should be taking that information to the polls, not wasting their energies with resolutions at their professional meetings. Churches already do enough of that.

Thanks Norma, I hope you'll consider joining. Its never to late for change!

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