Walt at Random: Apparent new feed address

According to Bloglines, I haven't posted anything since June 23. That's not quite right (by three posts). Apparently something in a WordPress upgrade (Blake?) changed the RSS feed.

Here's the new RSS2 feed address, or you can go to Walt at Random, scroll all the way to the bottom, and select the feed. (Or, if you have the Bloglines toolbar enabled, go to W.a.r. and click on the Subscribe button.)

Of course, now my Bloglines feed shows that W.a.R. has 16 subscribers, not 140-odd. Such is life.

Makes me wonder how many other weblogs have gone silent not because the author stopped writing but because software changed the feed...


Hey, Walt. "http://lishost.org/~walt/wp-rss2.php" seems to still work for me -- at least in a Mac-based NetNewsWire reader. Happy 4th!

Either you need another beer, or you have had one too many already. "http://walt.hishost.org/" should be 'http://walt.lishost.org/'

Seems to work for me still in Bloglines on both my PC and on my shiny new PowerBook. Using Bloglines in firefox in both cases. By the way, Bloglines shows me you have 128 subscribers.

I have no idea what's going on. (Yeah, "Hishost" won't work at all...) I noticed it when none of three newish posts turned up at Bloglines. Now there are 19 subscribers to the address that currently shows at the bottom of the page, along with the 128 Mark notes on the old address. The two addresses should, I think, be synonymous. Arggh.

Not that I really said much in those posts...

I'm glad my feed is working fine--wouldn't want to miss a post!

I did upgrade Wordpress for most LISHosted sites on Friday & Saturday due to security issues. That SHOULD not have changed anything. I guess it gives a new URL for the feed, but it also seems to keep updating the old feed as well.I've lost some confidence in WP this week after watching them handle these issues.

At this point, it looks like a temporary glitch, so I'm not going to worry about it. (To keep some sort of count, I've subscribed via both URLs.)

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