How Juneau gets most of the things it needs

Because Juneau isn't connected to the road system, everything must be brought in by air or sea. It's cheaper to ship by sea, so more stuff comes in that way. I see barges like the one below pass my window several times a week, because the main cargo terminal is directly across the Gastineau Channel from me.

Note how tiny the fork lift looks in the photo above!

Many thanks to birdie for pointing me towards flickr!

Blake, you would let me know if dropping pictures into my entries is causing your server headaches? Right?


You've actually motivated me to start rereading "Coming Into The Country".Good Stuff

I've read "Coming into the Country" by McPhee. It's a good read. Alaska's changed some since then, but not be a whole lot. For a more modern flavor I'd recommend "Looking for Alaska" by Peter Jenkins.

It was funny, just the other day I had read the part about how the city is cut off, and I wondered if it's still like that or not.

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