ISBN oddity?

I purchased a copy of The Da Vinci Code at a book sale to resell online. On the title page of the book is this ISBN 0385504209. The book is a trade edition size paperback but the ISBN on Amazon links to the hardcover edition of the book. Printed on the back of the book is a price barcode and an ISBN. This is not a sticker put on by the store but it is a printed part of the back cover. The barcode has a barcode number and at the top of the barcode it says ISBN and list this number 0965707202. Run this ISBN at Amazon and see what you get. This is not a joke the ISBN I listed is the one that is on the back of the book. I ran the ISBN at and is also goes to the same wrong book. Run the search, the book that is retrieved will give you a laugh. Anybody heard of this happening before?


I've had some random ISBN wackyness, but nothing quite like that one. Mostly I get hardcover ISBNs on softcovers and occasionally vice-versa. Every now and then I get just WRONG ISBNs, usually with an incorrect check digit. I've had about half a dozen books where I just cant find ANY record of that ISBN anywhere online. A get plenty of early "SBN" books that are missing the leading 0. Sometimes I get an ISBN that has no discernable relationship with the UPC number, but I don't often pay that much attention to the bar code, so it might be happening more frequently without my knowing it.

But in all that, I don't think I've ever gotten a completely different book's ISBN, let alone such an interesting one.

Perhaps it's a bootleg.

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