Hmm. Apparently it looks like I will be dually a missionary and a librarian for a year coming up. Where to? AUSTRALIA! I would be working at a theological college of my religious tradition out there as a sabbatical replacement while working on a grad degree in theology. Preaching will erupt at various points as a requirement, of course.At least, that is the plan. Funding still has to be secured to back the mission. Although I can serve as "Brother Librarian" money has to be found to back this. I get to hunker down with the elders at church now to figure that mess out, I guess...


Best of luck in your fundraising and ultimate mission. If you or your church establishes an address or paypal account that we can donate to, let us know. I'd kick in something, not much, but something.Take care and find time to write if you go.

I hope you learn a lot, share your knowledge, and enjoy a year over seas.

Glad to hear you will be able to use those librarian skills! Hope you enjoy Australia.

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