So - my first professional job as a librarian. I danced around the apartment when I received the phone call, and then, on my first day -thunk - back to earth. What do you do when your supervisor, followed soon after by your co-workers, tell you to find another job as soon as possible - not to get trapped here. I can see their point, it's not subtle and the signs are all there. But I have to stay, at least for a year, probably two. I've decided to view my first professional job as an intensive training ground, bootcamp for librarians. No matter what, I think I'll become a better librarian because of the training I get here. Well, that's the plan anyway...


and hope things work out for you! Congrats on your first job as a librarian.

Thanks, I will. :O)
  If nothing else, it should provide lovely drama... ;O)

I drink. I find that works for me. I may try something alcoholic if the diet coke stops helping.

Keep your head down and your mouth shut. Do not get drawn into discussions about what is wrong at this library. Been there. "Boot camp" is a good attitude, and you'll learn a lot.

Yesh, indeed... mini bottles of harder fluids is not a bad idea... ;O)

Thanks for the advice - it's the exact same advice that my supervisor has given me, and I'm going to follow it to the letter. :O)

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