making the most of non-verbal communication

I'm doing some research into disaster and emergency planning. One of the sample documents I'm looking at is one of those checklists for bomb threats, which I find amusing because I think we'd be lucky if a person don't panic and run out the building if someone calls with a bomb threat, much less dig out a checklist and work through it. Anyhow, the third item on this particular list is to "notify a co-worker via nonverbal gestures that you are taking a threatening call." Just wondering if any LISNewsterz have ideas for these gestures, because most of the ones I'm thinking of would also be nonverbal indicators that the person I'm talking to is clueless or really annoying, like strangling myself or miming an explosion. Maybe I just need to learn some new nonverbal gestures...


Some days it's all I can do not to give certain people I work with less than generous non verbal gestures.

I was taking pics for the yearbook and was trying to get a picture of the building manager. I finally got one of him after a fire drill. I didn't realise it til I was actually doing up the pics for the staff page, but he had given me a certain non verbal gesture in the picture...Luckily, I was able to crop that out. *g*


You could mouth the words bomb threat.

Or better yet, keep a piece of paper handy and write a message "BOMB THREAT--call 911 on other line" or some such message.

Ooh, there's an idea. The paper would work better than the mouthing, I would think. Who knows what wacky thing it could look like you're saying when you mouth "bomb threat!"Although, again, I think I'll be pleased if I don't just scream and run out the building. :-)

Yeah, those are the kind of gestures I expect around here too :-)

Learn sign (ameslan). Great for communicating on a different channel, instead of voice/hearing.-- Ender, Duke_of_URL

That's a good idea. We had a deaf girl in my grade school classes and I really enjoyed learning sign language. This would be a good refresher/reason to learn.

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