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"Pfizer Says It's in Talks With FDA on Viagra Link to Blindness"'s rare, but it occurs.

Why do Americans jump on the bandwagon (conveniently driven by the big pharmaceutical companies) like lemmings? Anyone ever heard of 'grin and bear it'? Take 2 tylenol and call me in the morning? Yeah, arthritis is painful, but the painkilling alternative could be worse. And impotence is a drag, but I wouldn't want to go blind trying to overcome it (if I were a guy...of course with this perspective, it's a good explanation of why I'm not a guy).

I am so disappointed that so many Americans completely buy into what the pharmas are selling...even though it can kill,blind or otherwise disable them. Of course there are therapeutic drugs that help people, but I'm more concerned about the seemingly casual use of a prescription drug because "it was on TV." I know most doctors agree with me on this.

To quote a well-known California lawyer, it's an outrage.


aren't you Canadian? don't you have a national healthcare systems that's supposed to take care of you?

Why do Americans buy into so many prescription drugs? Because they are free to choose what they want. I don't support their decision but at least its theirs to make. Apparently Candaians don't because they simply can't.

I wouldn't pump myself with silicone either. I've come to love my very female body as it is...despite all the ads for 'get thin' 'be blond''look younger than your years'.

pretty much yeah, I think its slash that lives in Canada. It was the "Americans this" and "Americans that" that threw me.

Though for the record the main points still stand.

And impotence is a drag, but I wouldn't want to go blind trying to overcome it (if I were a guy...of course with this perspective, it's a good explanation of why I'm not a guy).

But you are a girl. What about the dangers of all these boob jobs women seem to think they need? Tummy tucks, eye lifts, cellulite removal, etc.. These same doctors that pooh-pooh Pfizer certainly have no compunction about pumping women with silicone. You want to talk about needless risk.

Some drugs are dragged through 9 or 10 years of testing before approval. Many people die in the meanwhile so we can be absolutely sure no one person will die or be damaged with side effects from the drug. We assume our doctors are up on their library reading when they scribble on that little pad of paper which we take to the pharmacist.

If someone dies while on the drug, it may not be the drug, or there may be some odd outcome when combined with crystal meth or ketchup. We like to think nothing can go wrong, but it does. A friend of ours in a recent "routine" heart valve repair experienced kidney failure and is now on dialysis. If 99.9% of these repairs are successful, and one fails, should we let all the other folks die or be handicapped with leaky valves so no one is inconvenienced with kidney dialysis?

I am alive because of a medication developed through years of research and testing and capital investment and stockholders in the company. And I also take a baby aspirin a day, a drug that would probably never get on the market today if it were a recent wonder drug.

Nah, New York City is still here where it's been for 350 years or so. Greg got me mixed up with some other liberal. We all sorta look alike...

They moved NYC to Canada? I am out of the loop.

I asked my doc for Allegra because they would send me a free hat and umbrella if I sent them the receipt. Of course any H1 blocker would have worked and it was on our prescription plan. But the hat was the clincher. (Oh and I needed a long acting antihistimine.)

Apology accepted.

Then sorry for the jump.

I am a U.S. citizen, FYI, born and raised.

Just came across this in Publishers Weekly: Selling Sickness

...for instance, that eight of the nine specialists who wrote the 2004 federal guideline on high cholesterol, which substantially increased the number of people in that category, have multiple financial ties to drug manufacturers. Physicians now routinely prescribe cholesterol-lowering pills (statins) that may have perilous side effects, when many people could lower their risk of heart attack with less costly and dangerous steps, such as exercise and improved diet.

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