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I found one Publish America book that is getting very good reviews. I looked on WorldCat and found that three libraries have the item. Two are in Louisiana and one is in California. I believe the author lives in Louisiana. Somehow the California library discovered the book and decided to add it to their collection. Is your library doing anything to discover books that are not published by the tradional publishers and maybe even buying from a publisher like "Publish America." Although it is basically a vanity press shouldn't libraries be taking steps to find the great books no matter their source?
There was a story in LISNEWS awhile ago about a book that a bus driver at the University of Nebraska had written. I would have thought that some students at the University would have purchased his book after they saw it in the student newspaper but the book continues to have no ranking at Amazon. It is my understanding that a book only has to sell one copy to get a ranking at Amazon. This book was a PublishAmerica book also. Amazon sales rank and reviews would be one way to discover intersting books.


We've purchased at least a couple books by Publish America authors, because of local interest and patron demand. And we get bunches of donations or requests to buy POD books, but seldom buy because usually they're just awful.

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