Would Someone Please Help Me!

OK.. this is the Florida Supreme Court that decided against Terry Schiavo's parents, so they must be Leftwing Secular Humanists.

But, their decision gives more power to prosecutors, so really they must be upright Conservative Law & Order judges.

But, wait again! Their decision hurt Rush Limbaugh's case, so they ARE Leftwing Haters.

But hold the boat!! The ACLU agrees with the merits of Limbaugh's appeal, so, therefore, the Florida Supremes are obviously not in the pocket of the Loony-Left.

What judicial activism.

"The Florida Supreme Court said Thursday it will not consider an appeal from conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh over prosecutors' seizure of his medical records during an investigation into whether he illegally purchased painkillers.

The 4-3 order did not explain the court's"

Yahoo News


"women and minorities hurt most"

You can spin anything anyway you want. How the Schivao case helps prosecutors I don't know. If you're saying its the Limbaugh case that helps prosecutors I could just as easily say its to help prosecute Limbaugh. Spin spin spin.

Instead of pointing out what you think are contradictions (which are inevitable in life) how about you put your own neck on the line and decide for yourself the way things ought to be.

I was pointing out that the same FL Supreme Court that was accused of being too liberal in the Shiavo case, came down on the side of prosecutors in the Limbaugh case.

Too liberal in one, and too conservative in the other? Sounds like those people who want to rein in "activist judges" (and use the Schiavo case as an example) are cherry picking.

If Prosecutors have easier access to Medical Records, that is helping them. Since our law is based, in large part, upon precedence........

And the fact that a liberal court screwed Limbaugh means they're too conservative?

Precedence is just a fancy word for cherry picking.

And they backed prosecutors. Backing prosecutorial power or privacy concerns seems to me to be more of a Conservative view than a Liberal one.

That "liberal" court also screwed the ACLU... or did you miss that part?

To a certain degree, legal precedence is a matter of cherry picking. That's the way our system works. But don't just throw words out there, Greg, stick out your neck. Take a stand. Is that good or bad?

the "or" should be "over"

My stand is that considering the FL Supreme court tried rigging the 2000 election for Gore and since they think a woman should die based on hearsay that they are basically a Liberal court. Whatever decision they made on the Limbaugh case for whatever reasons doesn't outweigh the previous actions.

From the Encyclopedia Michael Nellis:

JUSTICE: A verdict in your favour. --Michael Nellis (see MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE)

MISCARRIAGE OF JUSTICE: You lost. --Michael Nellis (see JUSTICE)

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