A while back, I posted on a Wisconsin Dairy promotion that wasn't working right.

I tried again today, on my still dial-up connection. First there's a 675K Flash page that took over a minute to load, to bother me with cheering so that it could present two lines of text and a bring up a lengthy, required agreement.

Then you have to fill out a registration form.

Then you get the chance to enter one of the four supposed entry keys from the ad, and click.

Then you get a panel with a bunch of cheese brands. I suspect you're supposed to choose five of the ten (based on casually reading the rules), but of course there's nothing on that page to indicate that.

Then you click and a page s l o w l y l o a d s to reveal...not much of anything. And if you click on anything, another p a g e s l o w l y starts...

At this point, having blown 15 minutes and gotten nowhere near actually entering the contest, I thought about just how much great California cheese there is and dropped out of the whole process.

I hope Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board is happy with this promotion. They've certainly earned a fair amount of bad will in this household. (But I suppose everyone in Wisconsin has broadband and knows intuitively at which points to do certain things, or printed out the rules so they'd be sure to do things in exactly the right order. It must be the cheese.)

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